I entered my silent retreat in a frazzled state of exhaustion. The journey of discernment and transition for the last 18 months had zapped me completely dry. I had my doubts that four short days of silence would provide any respite. Silence, however, allows us the space, the time, and the quiet to ask, “God, what are you trying to communicate to me?”

gentle wavesAs I meandered for hours along the shore of the lake at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House, my soul drank deeply of the beauty of God’s surroundings and the constant laboring God does for all of creation. The silence allowed me to notice the world alive with God’s creating power as the waves gently came on shore and as the lake provided homes and sustenance for a wide variety of animals.

I drank deeply of God’s creation, and as I did, I felt the slow return to stillness, to calm, to my inner core where God infinitely resides. As I re-entered that holy space within, I felt the love of our gentle Father reminding me that he has been laboring for me and with me these past 18 months. With that simple grace I was renewed within, and I felt the hum of inner peace that comes only from God.


  1. Becky, what a gentle reminder of the healing power of silence. It is in silence that we are able to be truly present with Jesus. I also experienced an 8-day silent retreat this summer and it was absolutely transformational – I believe due to the silence I spent with God. I especially appreciate the beautiful wording of this statement: “I felt the hum of inner peace that comes only from God.”

  2. What a marvelous reminder of how God continues to labor for all of creation. The beauty of it all moves me to gratitude and wonder.
    In a silent retreat I discovered the layered depth of silence, and in the process, the gentle Voice of our God within. Also, found it to be so healing.
    Thank you, Becky

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Becky, that silence is essential and can be found so easily in nature. As summer fades into autumn, may the
    beauty around us (at least here in the north) unite our hearts in
    our lovingCreator God.

  4. Beautiful. Silence is such a treasured gift, one so rarely encountered, by me, anyway! I spent seven days at a monastery in June, rich silent, deep. And so very healing.
    The imagery and feeling from “the hum of inner peace that comes only from God” will remain with me today.
    Thank you!


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