Contemplation in Action

Contemplation in action is about learning how to be, learning how to see, and learning how to love. Learning How to Be Contemplation is first about learning how to be and surrendering our very being to God’s grace. “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Before I can act, I need to know that it is good simply to be myself before God, loved as a person with both gifts and faults. […]

An Attitude of Contemplation

In my family, school is out and it’s time for us all to slow down. While we often think of Ignatian spirituality as a spirituality of service, it is also deeply contemplative. One of the most formative times in Ignatius’s own life took place on the banks of the River Cardoner at Manresa. There, he experienced illumination in which God taught him spiritual truths de arriba (“from above”). That time was not only one of […]

Contemplatives in Action

There was an old Jesuit vocation poster that showed a cartoon of a Jesuit with his nose in a book while he was sawing a piece of wood with the teeth of a crocodile. The copy said, “Contemplatives in Action.” This is a bit of a caricatured understanding of what it means to be a contemplative in action, where your intellect is engaged as you go about doing the nitty-gritty work of the world. Being […]

The Key to Finding God in All Things

Anthony de Mello, SJ, on finding God in all things: There is a key word: solely, only or entirely. That is the key word—doing it only for God. This is the nishkam karma. On the day we are given the grace of doing action for the sake of action and nothing else, then our hearts will be aglow. The idea is doing action without desire for any fruit, and without any selfish intention at all. […]

Doing Good and Praying Well

Something to think about | It struck me then very clearly that one who seeks the spirit of God in good works will find it better in prayer later on than the one who seeks God first in prayer and then in action, as we often do. Whoever, then, seeks and finds the spirit of Christ in good works makes much more solid progress than the one who seeks it in prayer alone; for one […]