What If the Answer Is No?

What if God’s answer to one of our prayers is “no”? We are given this answer at times. Sometimes when we are told “no” we easily accept the answer we are given, because what we are asking for is something that really did not matter that much. Occasionally, though, we find ourselves being told “no” when every part of our being wants the answer to be “yes.” What happens to our relationship with God then? […]

Picking Up the Ringing Phone of Prayer

At the Apostleship of Prayer, Philip Kosloski offers advice for What to do when nothing “happens” during prayer. Too often our problem with prayer is that we are not responding to God’s invitation to love and are searching for God in the clouds, not realizing that he is already here, waiting for us. God reassures us that he is here and waiting for our response through the prophet Jeremiah, “And you shall call upon me, […]

In Danger of Losing Our Patience

It’s often at about this time of year that I decide that I’m done with winter, and I become rather impatient for spring to arrive. Enough with the cold, enough with the darker days, I’m ready for the sun, and I’d be mighty pleased to see it right away. With my friends, we start relishing the days when we see some improvement. And for each day the weather takes a step back toward winter, we’re […]

Answered Prayers

My brother came to stay with my family recently while he attended training in our city. While I was happy to welcome him, I worried about how we were going to survive three whole weeks under one roof. As adults, my brother and I get along well in short doses, but after a while I inevitably launch into lecturing my brother and attempting to tell him how to live his life. I mean well, but […]

Why Ask Why?

“Why, God? Why?” I sit at the funeral of a friend who died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Alive one day, gone the next. “Why, God? Why?” Tornadoes flatten neighborhoods in the time a speeding train passes through a station. Lives turn to rubble. “Why, God? Why?” Another day begins for an exhausted parent living an isolated existence of caring for a child with disabilities. The most basic of tasks—feeding, bathing, dressing—consume hours of effort. […]

Un-Prayed-For Answers

A friend of mine is one of those people who is always cheerful and positive even though it seems as though she encounters more than her fair share of rotten luck in her life. As a result of all of her lousy luck, she has some pretty interesting stories to share. My favorite is the story of the night she woke up to two police officers standing at the foot of her bed in her […]