Science and the Star of Bethlehem

Br. Guy Consolmagno, SJ, the director of the Vatican Observatory, addresses the question “Can science explain the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem?” in an article at Evening Standard. He highlights several theories before concluding: Actually, to me the most astonishing part of the story of the Magi is not that they would predict the birth of a king from the positions of the planets; any fortune teller could have done that kind of calculation. […]

The Joy of Christmas

“The most beautiful joy of Christmas is that inner joy of peace: the Lord wiped away my sins, the Lord has forgiven me, the Lord had mercy on me, he came to save me. That is the joy of Christmas,” the pope said. Crux provides this quote from Pope Francis’s general audience on December 14. As we continue to celebrate the Christmas season, let us reflect on the joy of Christmas and resolve to bring […]

Bethlehem Bound

We’re almost at Christmas. This video from Heart to Heart Ministry features Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ, inviting us to be Bethlehem Bound. Sparough says, “Let us come to wonder, to witness, the birth of this babe, the gift of our savior.”

How to Recognize Jesus

How to recognize Jesus: Listen to whatever clues you’re given. For instance, angels told the shepherds to look in a certain town and a certain kind of place. They even mentioned swaddling clothes. So . . . it helps to listen to what others have said about Jesus—from the accounts in the New Testament Gospels to the testimonies of people here and now who have encountered him. Word of mouth means something, and the sacred […]

The Train and the Nativity

Tony Agnesi remembers his Christmas train, which taught him a lifelong lesson about selflessness. The story also makes him think about the Nativity. I have always wondered that not a single man or woman in Bethlehem was willing to give up their bed for a pregnant woman who was about to give birth. Not one! It says something about how we can see a need and just ignore it. I’m comfortable in my bed, it […]

Journey of the Magi

T. S. Eliot reads his poem “Journey of the Magi” in the audio track of today’s featured video. For those of you who have been following the Sacred Space/Pray as You Go retreat “Journeying with the Magi,” there is an obvious tie. But all of us can appreciate Eliot’s words as a reflection piece before celebrating the feast of the Epiphany in a few days. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch […]

The Burning Babe

St. Robert Southwell, SJ, wrote a poem called “The Burning Babe,” describing a vision of Christ on Christmas Day. Here the poem is set to music and performed by the musician Sting. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video The Burning Babe.

A Christmas Hymn

On this Christmas Eve, enjoy “Silent Night” as sung by the Ignatian Schola, a Manhattan-based vocal group. Merry Christmas from all of us at! If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Silent Night.

The Miracle of the Incarnation

The miracle of the Incarnation never ceases to amaze me. It is through the Incarnation that God became human, or as John’s Gospel says, “The Word became flesh and lived among us” (John 1:14). God’s love for us is revealed through the Incarnation—the concrete act of God choosing to become human and enter our world. The Incarnation birthed the face of mercy, Jesus. As St. Ignatius says, “Love shows itself in deeds more than words.” […]

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