Make Today Matter Blog Hop

How can small things done every day change us for the better and make the world better too? Author and leadership speaker Chris Lowney knows 10 habits that can lead to a better life and world, and we invite you to a special blog hop celebrating those habits and how each of us can Make Today Matter. Each weekday from April 30 through May 11, 2018, a different blogger will reflect on one of the […]

Like a Trapeze Artist When We Begin Something New

Years ago, when I was leaning into a new season of life, my spiritual director compared going through a season of change to being a trapeze artist. She offered that as we make changes and go through transitions, it’s like a trapeze artist swinging from bar to bar. Sometimes, we can easily make the transition from one bar to the other. Other times, we cling to the old bar with an arm outstretched for the […]

Holy Stretching

St. Ignatius opens his Spiritual Exercises with a comparison of the work of bodily exercises to the effort of our spiritual lives: For just as taking a walk, journeying on foot, and running are bodily exercises, so we call Spiritual Exercises every way of preparing and disposing the soul to rid of itself of all inordinate attachments. (SE 1) I feel like there is something Ignatius forgot to mention in his comparison of physical exercises […]

When the Winds of Change Blow

My first weeks of college were a huge adjustment. I sat in the chapel feeling homesick and utterly alone. I cried my prayer to God, wondering what my life would hold. As I knelt there praying, in my mind’s eye, for a split second, I could see from above the earth, as if through the Hubble telescope. I saw myself sitting there in the chapel praying and all of the other people on earth moving […]

A New Life Beyond Our Imagining

“If we think we can sit here peacefully, while God like the cosmic butler comes in and tidies up the world to our satisfaction, we reveal our profound ignorance about who he is and what he wants for us. God isn’t a butler tidying up the drawing room and preparing for a dinner party tonight. He is more like a baby whose time has come, and whose impending arrival sends waves of shock and panic, disrupts all […]

The Trouble Lies Within

Ignatius, writing to a troubled Jesuit: You are mistaken in thinking that the cause of your disquiet, or little progress in the Lord, is due to the place, or your superiors, or your brethren. This disquiet comes from within and not from without. I mean from your lack of humility, obedience, prayer, and your slight mortification, in a word, your little fervor in advancing in the way of perfection. You could change residence, superiors, and […]

Using the Examen to Change

Aaron Pidel, SJ, thinks that this observation in a Times article on self-monitoring is right on the mark.  When we try to change we simply thrash about: we improvise, guess, forget our results or change the conditions without even noticing the results. Errors are possible in self-tracking and self-experiment, of course”¦ But once you start gathering data, recording the dates, toggling the conditions back and forth while keeping careful records of the outcome, you gain […]

What I Think about When I Don’t Have to Think

A while ago I decided to stop trying to make big changes.  They were too hard.  I thought I’d concentrate on making small changes, but much of the time this was even harder. The big changes were things like writing a novel, learning how to play the piano and design web pages, become a master gardener, and become the most attentive husband any woman ever had ever had.  Those things didn’t happen.  I did some […]