Prayer for Detachment

I beg of you, my Lord, to remove anything which separates me from you, and you from me. Remove anything that makes me unworthy of your sight, your control, your reprehension; of your speech and conversation, of your benevolence and love. Cast from me every evil that stands in the way of my seeing you, hearing, tasting, savoring, and touching you; fearing and being mindful of you; knowing, trusting, loving, and possessing you; being conscious […]

Feast of St. Peter Faber

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. Tomorrow is the feast day of St. Peter Faber, one of Ignatius’s first companions. In his honor, enjoy this excerpt from The Quiet Companion by Mary Purcell. Peter [Faber] had come to Paris a youth of nineteen reared in a home protected from outside influences by a double range of Alps. Imbued with the intense faith and living traditions of the people of Savoy he had […]

Patron Saint for Business People

Chris Lowney, author of Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, suggests that the recently canonized Peter Faber would be a good patron saint of business. He makes his argument in this article for NCR. Based on something Faber wrote while in Germany, Lowney concludes: Faber’s vision of business is an ennobling, inspiring one. Entrepreneurs with a Faber-style flair for business don’t think only of “enhancing shareholder value” and making themselves hog-whimperingly rich; […]

Mass at the Church of the Gesù

Pope Francis will celebrate Mass at the Church of the Gesù in Rome on January 3, 2014, the titular feast of the Society of Jesus. This will also be a time for thanksgiving for the canonization of Peter Faber. The Jesuits have set up a site for live viewing of the Mass here. Rome time for the Mass is 8:50 a.m. See what time that is for you here.

Saint Peter Faber, the Quiet Companion

Pope Francis and the Vatican have announced that Peter Faber, SJ, has been canonized. In celebration, Loyola Press is releasing The Quiet Companion, the authoritative biography about Peter Faber and his role in founding and shaping the Society of Jesus. Enjoy this excerpt. As Faber was now [in 1534] preparing for his ordination, Ignatius allowed him to do the Spiritual Exercises. Although that February and March were the coldest in living memory he withdrew from […]

Peter Faber Soon to Be Canonized

Earlier this month, Paul Campbell, SJ, wrote about a favorite Jesuit of his who may not be familiar to some readers: Bl. Pierre Favre. Now the Vatican Insider reports that Pope Francis will likely canonize Favre (also known as Peter Faber) in December, so it’s a good time to learn more about this companion of St. Ignatius, sometimes called the “second Jesuit.” Biographical Information Words of Faber Prayer for Detachment Doing Good and Praying Well […]

Attend to the Smallest Things

Here’s some excellent practical wisdom from Saint Peter Faber, SJ: Seek grace for the smallest things, and you will also find grace to accomplish, to believe in, and to hope for the greatest things. Attend to the smallest things, examine them, think about putting them into effect, and the Lord will grant you greater. Many seek anxiously for grace to perform good works of a more general kind while neglecting in the meantime particular tasks […]

Peter Faber: The Second Jesuit

Tuesday was the Feast of Peter Faber (Favre), SJ, sometimes called “the second Jesuit” because he was especially close to Ignatius when the order was getting started.  Peter was looking for direction in life when he ran into Ignatius.  He was overwhelmed with choices, like a young person today: I was always very unsure of myself and blown about by many winds: sometimes wishing to be married, sometimes a doctor, sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a professor […]

Doing Good and Praying Well

Something to think about | It struck me then very clearly that one who seeks the spirit of God in good works will find it better in prayer later on than the one who seeks God first in prayer and then in action, as we often do. Whoever, then, seeks and finds the spirit of Christ in good works makes much more solid progress than the one who seeks it in prayer alone; for one […]