God’s Project

I first encountered the term “God’s project” in an essay by Joseph Tetlow, SJ. I think it’s an idea worth considering further. Looking at the world as God’s project has some powerful implications. For example: 1. It emphasizes the radical human freedom with which God has created us, and the passion God brings to persuading us to help God create a kingdom of goodness, truth, and beauty. 2. It allows us to see human evil […]

Joy in the Labor

But one doesn’t expect to get out of life what one has already learned that it cannot give, but rather one begins to see more and more clearly that life is only a kind of sowing time, and the harvest is not here. —Vincent van Gogh We have moved four times in the last five years. At each house I’ve planted a small garden, and each year, we’ve moved before it flourished. Still, it pleases […]

Look over the Expanse of Your Work

Those of us in the United States and Canada are celebrating Labor Day today. When you look back over your whole life, what work do you think will emerge in that view as the most meaningful and most influential? Think about that with today’s video reflection, courtesy of author and editor Vinita Hampton Wright. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video The Expanse of Your Work.

Not Many Things But Much

A Latin proverb adds a spiritual dimension to the point: non multa sed multum, or “not many things but much.” Jesuits didn’t coin that phrase, though I’ve heard it attributed to them, probably because its spirit so closely aligns with other Jesuit ideals. The quality with which a work is done—the “muchness” of it—can be more important than the sheer quantity of tasks a person completes. What value, for example, that a social worker counsels […]

Paris and the Magis

It’s hard to pray with your eyes closed in Paris. Every church I set foot in egged me on to open my eyes and take in all its beauty. From the light, heavenly colors at la Chapelle de la Médaille Miraculeuse to the grandness of Notre Dame and Sacré CÅ“ur, I found that I did a fair bit more gawking than praying. At one point I was really frustrated with myself over this new distraction, […]

An Unexpected Grace in a Busy Season

I have made the mistake of agreeing to make contributions of various kinds at a time when I have major work pressure. My day job requires me to grade the exams of a 360 freshman chemistry students, submit a major grant proposal, submit a draft paper for a collaborative project, and give a paper at a theology winter school. In addition I have had to give a quiet day in my parish, submit two guest […]

Finding God in the Economic Downturn

I always look forward to my end-of-the-fiscal-year performance evaluation. I like to think of this as an extended Examen of the past year. It is a crucial opportunity for giving thanks, celebrating successes, reviewing areas for growth, and looking ahead to the coming year. There was much to be grateful for this past year, and I also knew there was a lot of room for growth. But there was something else going on, too. After […]

To Labor and Not to Seek Reward

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, we’ve invited our dotMagis bloggers to reflect on the individual lines of St. Ignatius’s Prayer for Generosity. The Prayer for Generosity gives us words that assist us on a lifelong path of becoming more fully surrendered to God. St. Ignatius’s words “to labor and not to seek reward” can include larger vocational decisions to seek God’s call for its own sake, and not for external rewards such as wealth, […]

The Password

“Password incorrect. Please try again.” For the 15th time, my stupid computer kept flashing that same message as I tried desperately to reset my password and get into the system. First my new code was too short, then no capital letters, then no numbers or extra symbols, or it had been taken by another user. With each effort to find the perfect combination being blocked by the evil spirit inside my keyboard, I could feel […]

Bringing Jesus to the Workplace

Do you bring Jesus to work with you? Perhaps, like me, you suspect that Jesus would not be too popular in your workplace. I work in the public sector as a labour relations specialist. I deal with people in their lowest moments—discipline, medical issues preventing them from being at work, performance struggles, even terminations. How do I bring my faith into such an environment? Telling someone they’re fired, “But don’t forget Jesus loves you and […]

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