Magis Central America and World Youth Day

We pray this month for young people gathering for World Youth Day in Panama and the Magis Program organized by the Society of Jesus ahead of World Youth Day. The Ignatian Magis Central America event opened on January 11, 2019, with young pilgrims undertaking different Ignatian experiences of social action, art and culture, history, and more. Pilgrims are encouraged to reflect with the daily Examen on their experiences. As the youth gathered in Central America […]

MAGIS and World Youth Day: Three Unforgettable Weeks in Poland

Pilgrimages are supposed to bring one closer to God. “You can talk or you can pray while you are on a pilgrimage,” advised one Polish Jesuit, and many of us on the journey to MAGIS and World Youth Day 2016 did a smattering of both throughout nearly three weeks in Poland. MAGIS in Lodz, Poland MAGIS is the Jesuits’ precursor to World Youth Day and consists of bringing students from Jesuit schools all over the […]

Looking Forward to World Youth Day and Magis 2016

Sitting in Exhibition Hall in Toronto with colleagues, I began to hear the screaming. “What’s that yelling?” I shouted. “Ah, the Pope’s motorcade is coming,” my friend Cindee replied. I shrugged and began to resume our conversation. But Cindee interrupted me and said, “Wait! You’ve never been to World Youth Day before! What’s wrong with you? Get out there, man!” I hesitated and said with an eye roll, “Cindee, I’m a veteran of the New […]

World Youth Day and Pray as You Go

Pray as You Go is producing a special series in the lead-up to World Youth Day 2016. Whether or not you’ll be attending the event in Krakow, the audio tracks invite reflection on the theme of identity. The first week asks, “What’s Your Name?” If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to listen to What’s Your Name? The entire World Youth Day series is here.

Magis 2016

Magis is a pre-World Youth Day gathering of young adults from around the world sponsored by the Jesuits. Young adults will travel this July to Poland for community, prayer, and Ignatian experiments in the categories of pilgrimage, spirituality, service, society and culture, and the arts. Deadlines for registering are fast-approaching, and information about Magis 2016 is available here. During the last Magis in 2013, Andrij M. Hlabse, SJ, shared his experience with readers of dotMagis. […]

What Cameras Cannot See: WYD and Magis from Within

This is a guest post by Andrij M. Hlabse, SJ, who was in Brazil for Magis and World Youth Day 2013. With apologies for the delay between posts, I would like now to offer a look inside some of the smaller and inspiring details of World Youth Day. Certainly, by now we have probably seen (even those of us who were there!) the panoramic photographs of Copacabana Beach and the papal events. Sunrise on the […]

Under the Cross of Christ

This is a guest post by Andrij M. Hlabse, SJ, who is in Brazil for Magis and World Youth Day 2013. He’ll be sharing several reflections over the course of the events. In the past week I have joined the MAGIS experience group “SP04,” which is shorthand for our destination city, Sâo Paulo, group four. With youth from the delegations of France and Belgium, Bolivia, the United States, and Brazil itself, we embarked on an […]

Magis Festival of Nations

This is a guest post by Andrij M. Hlabse, SJ, who is in Brazil for Magis and World Youth Day 2013. He’ll be sharing several reflections over the course of the events. What is MAGIS? It is a spiritual gathering for college-aged youth from around the Jesuit world in preparation for World Youth Day. World Youth Day is a pilgrimage to meet the Holy Father with its own demands and sacrifices, so why Magis? In […]

Gearing Up for Magis and World Youth Day

Last week we met Marquette University graduate Emma Scuglik, who has been challenged and blessed by Ignatian spirituality. Emma will be attending World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro this month and shared some of her thoughts on going to this event for the second time. She’ll also be participating in Magis 2013, “a pastoral experience of Ignatian programs and events in the days leading up to World Youth Day for pilgrims from Jesuit institutions.” […]

Magis 2013

This blog is interested in all things Magis, so we’re solidly behind Magis 2013, a festival of Jesuit-sponsored service projects and cultural experiences leading up to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro this coming July.  Young people from all over the world will be there.  Tell your friends.  Here is a video invitation.

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