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I recently saw a demonstration of lacemaking. My first thought: I greatly admire the people who engage in this painstaking craft. My second thought: I would never have the patience to make lace.

Kerry Weber makes quilts, another meticulous craft. She’s found a parallel between the process of making quilts and rewarding prayer.

The measuring and cutting over and over became meditative rather than annoying. Slowly, I cut up the pieces required to make my quilt. And as I did so, the small piles of fabric laid out before seemed less like a mess and more like progress.

In the same way, I’m learning to piece together what works best for me in my prayer life, how to look at each conversation with God, each moment of reflection, as a blessing in and of itself.

Read the whole thing. Kerry’s essay is one of the features in Loyola Press’s new Arts and Faith feature.


  1. I’m sure there are many important messages here but two really stand out for me: it is necessary to build a solid foundation in everything that we do; and it is important to be present for each moment as each moment and each task are vital to the whole.
    Jim, thank you for pointing us to Kerry’s essay.


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