The Art of Marko Rupnik

Marko Rupnik, SJ, is a Slovenian Jesuit, based in Rome, whose dazzling mosaics adorn churches at Fatima and Lourdes as well as the Pope’s private chapel. His latest work is the mosaics in the chapel of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. The mosaics were unveiled earlier this year. Fr. Rupnik works in the ancient tradition of sacred iconography. Mosaics on the walls of the chapel depict events in salvation history. A huge 28-by-44 foot mosaic of Christ is the chapel’s centerpiece. View a slide show of the mosaics.


  1. Good morning. May the peace, grace, mercy, and love of Our Lord and Savior be with you and yours for eternity. For many months now I have been reading and praying with Ignatian Spirituality. I have emailed the prayer sites to so many of my friends. My wife enjoys leaving for work listening to the music from the ‘3 minute retreat’ your site has given us to enjoy growing daily in prayer.
    I am proud to say that Ignatian Spirituality and a greater Jesuit presence in my life has brought God to me for every moment of every day. I thank you all for allowing me to draw closer to His loving presence. The joy and peace your sites have led me to is simply phenomenal. Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Thank you so much.
    Lou Cercone 🙂 Canisius High School ’69 Canisius College ’73


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