Finding God Through Art

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Artist Makoto Fujimura talks about how he came to find God through art, that which he created himself and the art and poetry of William Blake. Fujimura says he came to realize that “art, which was this god for me, a way to seek out the truth, has a deeper magic, a deeper well, and his name was Jesus.”

For more on the connections between Arts & Faith, explore the series of that name from Loyola Press.


  1. Such a beautiful story how God calls us so silently by our gifts, they actually echo within us….until we find that God has provided a way to return to him with our heart open and in complete awe of His love for us.

  2. I know neither the art of Fujimura, nor the poetry of Blake, yet I am moved to tears by the mystery of the presence of God brought to me by you through these strangers, which seem like strangers no longer. I am filled with gratitude.

  3. It is so amazing how God reaches into the heart of each of us in exactly the way that we need. Thank you for sharing this video!


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