Expressing Gratitude Through the Examen

girl holding sign reading "Thank you, God"

“I think Ignatian Spirituality is so much about gratitude and thanksgiving,” Father [Ed] Mathie explains. “Everything we have, every gift and talent, we clearly say is from God. Not only that, but we look around the world and everything around us is created for us. It’s a whole, entire sense of gratitude.”

To help us express our gratitude to God for all of creation, Marquette Magazine shares a special Examen. For another take on an Examen of gratitude, pray with our Reimagining the Ignatian Examen Flip Book: Gratitude.

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  1. The Examen has gratitude built within its process. As you and God review your day, God blesses you with your strong areas as well as those,which need some work.God helps,you names strengths,weakness,have a way to do this,remember people and other surrounding beauty. There was God’s abundant forgiveness and love,,our Creator’s gift of Sophia to guide next actions So much gratitude in that amazing prayer.


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