“The Cooz” and Jesuit Basketball

Basketball fans, especially those of a certain age, will love the articles about Bob Cousy in a recent issue of the Holy Cross magazine. (It’s a big PDF file. The Cousy articles begin on page 16.) Cousy was a great point guard. He became famous as a pro. He led the Boston Celtics to six NBA championships.

“The Cooz” is one of many great basketball players who came from Jesuit universities. My colleague Joe Durepos and I once made a Jesuit all-star team. In the back court are Cousy (Holy Cross) and John Stockton (Gonzaga). Bill Russell (San Francisco) is the center. Patrick Ewing (Georgetown) and Elgin Baylor (Seattle) are the forwards. The team is coached by Al McGuire, whose 1977 Marquette team won the NCAA championship.



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