The Ignatian Workout for Lent Retreat: Third Week of Lent

In John’s Gospel, Jesus begins his public ministry with the miracle of changing water into wine. Why does he choose this action, rather than something more—well—Godlike? We consider that this week in our Ignatian Workout for Lent. Listen to Tim Muldoon’s reflection below. If you’d like, share some of your own reflections in the comments.


Ask Jesus to teach you how to walk with him and be his presence in the world. Ask his Holy Spirit to guide you to acts of compassion like those he revealed in unexpected places. Open your eyes and look for those opportunities.


Choose one concrete way to express compassion today.

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to listen to Tim’s audio reflection for the Third Week of Lent. Learn more about the book that inspired this retreat.


  1. Yesterday I called to my grandmother, she lives 150km away from my city, most time of the day stays alone at home and from her voice I felt her weakness, she felt not so good, and I felt so weakless to help her. But still thinking, how I can help her, even by visiting her or simply to call her.

  2. It’s often hard for me to know when the urgings I have to act are from the Spirit or simply musings of my own imagination. In the quiet of my heart I ask the Spirit to please provide a little courage in those times as well so I can take the actions needed to truly show compassion. Eternally a work in process.


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