There’s Something about Discernment

In recent weeks, Vinita Wright has been posting some terrific material about Ignatian discernment on her blog Days of Deepening Friendship.  For starters, take a look at “Four Strategies for Discernment,” “The Grace We Need,” and “Consolation and Desolation.” To keep track of Vinita’s posts, sign up for her blog.

Vinita is a spiritual director, author, editor, and novelist.  Along with Paul Campbell and me, she’ll be doing regular reflections during the eight-week Ignatian Prayer Adventure online Lenten retreat, which starts next Sunday.


  1. I agree it can appear to be somewhat scattered and disoriented but if you use this:
    for the “programme” as I call it, for daily retreating, then you can go to the right side where it says DotMagis Blog and just check the comments if you are interested in that. At the end of each post there is a note to Next Post so that is easy to follow.
    That works for me anyway.

  2. While you have organized a pot pourri of possibilities for prayer/UTube Videos during lent, it seems difficult to organize a consistent way to use this site as a Lenten Voyage. We need a format to follow. Where should I be looking for The Lenten Voyage. I recommended this site to our small group at our church for Lent but I’m not sure it will work. What do you recommend? Many thanks, SRueb


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