1. I identify with Father Paul Brian Cambell S.J. I too had 15 years in Glasgow and I moved here to Enniskillen in August. I was quite amazed at all the book I gathered, so I gave a large amount away.
    I see the phrase LIGHTEN UP in a new context now, applicable to many areas of my journey.
    God bless.
    Christ is Risen.
    Augustine Hourigan C. P.

  2. Hi Paul
    Love this video. I recently read a book by a Japanese woman who recommends keeping only those things that spark joy. Being Japanese she would say “thank you” to the card received from someone and remove it as a burden from your life. It has served its purpose. Similarly for all other things that we think we have to keep because….. I tried this principle recently as a way to pack for a trip. If it didn’t spark joy it didn’t go in the suitcase. Results, I enjoyed every day with no concerns about how I looked.
    I like your laundry idea. I think the best move I ever made was from NYC to Syracuse when we had to pay by the pound. Amazing what is not worth paying to keep.
    Hope you are well. Still miss your presence although I am now retired.
    Mary Ann

  3. I just “laundered” my pantry and threw away canned goods that had expired in 2012! I so agree w/ this post, I do feel lighter and I love the metaphor he uses for decluttering. Ann

  4. Dear Fr.Paul,
    Nice to hear your reflection on ” Time to do life laundry”
    Kindly send reflections on Lenten season.


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