What Ignatius Would Say to Lay Persons

Human life has meaning. We are not aimless beings, without a goal or purpose. We have been created by a God who loves us. We are called to build the Kingdom of God by knowing, loving and serving God and other people and thus entering life everlasting.

While some people view “the world”  as a religious desert, Ignatius was convinced that the world is filled with the Spirit of God,  and that the Risen One has conquered the world which was hostile to God.

God calls each and every one of us to share in a great enterprise. The lay person has a vocation, just as the religious and the priest has. The one thing that matters is to recognize our calling and respond to it faithfully. This is not something theoretical. It means rather that our lives should be centered on a person – the person of Christ.

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ



  1. Last night at RCIA I was reminded of the importance of living our lives faithfully when the inquirers began sharing what led them to come to RCIA. Without exception, each person had been influenced by the life of a layperson who is a faith-filled Catholic and each inquirer wants what that particular layperson has in his/her life. It was inspiring to hear how God uses ordinary people to bring others to God.
    Jim, thank you for this reminder.


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