Who's the Most Influential Modern Jesuit?

Vote here and then look at the results.  They may surprise you.


  1. What most people don’t know is Rahner was an excellent (and not very difficult to understand) homilist. Alas! Too few of his sermons were taken down and only a small selection have ever been published. I have that book in German. Brilliant stuff!

  2. I was torn between Karl Rahner and Pedro Arrupe, but chose Rahner. Both men were responsible for re-forming–Arrupe the Jesuits and Rahner the theology of Aquinas. Both were rooted in prayer and offered a vision and spirituality that draw us deeper into Christ and discipleship. More people are probably more familiar with Fr. Arrupe–his writing and style are accessible. Rahner is not an easy read, appeals to those of us who love puzzles!

  3. I voted for Arrupe myself. He had enormous impact on the Society. Also his character and spirituality are enormously appealing.

  4. At the recent “Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education” I noted several (lay & Jesuit) speakers refer to Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ as “The second founder of the Jesuits”…
    It is quite the title, but seems fitting as his vision of educating men and women for others has become a hallmark of Jesuit education, service and ministry.


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