Xavier Statue

Featured Video - text next to image of tablet with video loadingLate last year, Xavier University in Cincinnati unveiled a new statue of its patron, St. Francis Xavier. The sculptor, Tom Tsuchiya, worked on it for a year. In this video he talks about how he worked and where he got inspiration from.


  1. I am a Xavier alum and delighted to see the statue on campus. Thanks for sharing this. Glad to see that the real saint has caught up with the fictional musketeer.

  2. Another great post, I like the Japanese sandals, i am sure Xavier wore them when he was in Japan. I hope you post the final statue when done. Looks promising, and a big project for Mr. Tsuchiya.

  3. Tom Tsuchiya is a very talented young man and he captivates the Spirit of Francis Xavier in this marvelous sculpture. And, the crucifix is beautiful in it’s detail Thank you for sharing the video. Have sent it on to others.


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