You Are a Child of God Too

Last night, my seven-year-old son struggled to fall asleep. He came into our room about a half hour after we tucked him in to let us know. He asked my husband, “What is it you told me to do when I cannot sleep?”

My husband replied, “When I cannot sleep, I talk to God about my day. I let God know all I am thankful for, and I talk to God about all that concerns me. I often find it helps me relax, because I know God is listening. That’s what we talked about last week. You could try talking to God when you cannot sleep.”

I added, “Remember God is always there to talk to you. God loves you very much, and God loves you even more than Dad and I do.”

My son replied, “I know, Mom. I know I am a child of God.”

Assured of a plan to try to help him sleep, my son gave us both hugs and turned to leave our room. On the way out, he paused and looked back at me and said, “Don’t forget, you are a child of God too, Mom.” Then without another word, he made his way back to his room.

A smile broke out on my face. I spend many hours in my work as a spiritual director sitting with people and reminding them of God’s unending love for them and God’s intimate involvement in their lives. How often, though, I forget to take to heart my own message of God’s love for me!

The unexpected reminder from my son that I, too, am a child of God, caught me by surprise. His words penetrated to my core, as they were words that I needed to be reminded of last night. Yes, I, too, am a child of God. God is intimately involved in my life too—and yours.


  1. As I live out the promises I made to my children at the time of their baptism, I am graced to witness what it means to have faith like a child. They teach me more than I impart on them.

  2. Dear Becky I was so greatly encouraged by your tagg; child relationship with God. I have 5 children and am in the process of training for ordination at the ripe age of 55. My greatest joy and one I consider part of my ministery is teaching my children to appreciate God and his amazing creation. I would so appreciate further information from you regarding how you introduce and encourage your children in their faith. I live in Bath UK and have a growing interest in ignatian spirituality.
    looking forward to hearing from you. with thanks Clarissa shaw Nothice


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