Mary Showed Me Jesus’ Humanity

This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I prayed most of the Spiritual Exercises with a baby in my arms. I began making them when our daughter, Abby, was one month old. When I began the Second Week of the Exercises, she was almost six months old and just starting to sit up. Most of my days at that time were spent sitting on the floor playing with her and […]

Not in Control

This post is based on Week Three of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Recently I used one of the versions of the Examen found in Fr. Mark Thibodeaux’s book Reimagining the Ignatian Examen for my daily prayer. This particular Examen (Saving F.A.C.E.) invited me to take a close look at four things: My fears My attachments My need for control Illusions of entitlement It nudged me to take an honest assessment of my last few weeks […]

Awareness of God in All Things

This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. My mom and dad are avid gardeners. On many occasions growing up, my weekends included a chore in the yard—raking leaves, weeding (my least-favorite job in the world), deadheading flowers, or picking up branches. My dad, especially, had this way of noticing the beauty that was unfolding right in our backyard, that I often missed because my attention was focused on getting my […]

The Depth of God’s Love for Me

This post is by Becky Eldredge, author of Busy Lives & Restless Souls, as she begins An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. [There is a] kind of knowing that afterward you can never not know. The kind that, no matter what anyone says, you know what you know, and that deep foundational knowledge is unshakeable. You can stand on it. It is a rock. —Margaret Silf in The Other Side of Chaos Every time I read this […]

Our Road to Emmaus

This post is based on Week Eight of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Like many of us today, the disciples on the road to Emmaus were at a loss and in despair over a world seemingly gone mad, seeing the foundational principles of the world around them being shaken and living in fear for their own lives. The horror and shock of the Crucifixion had overwhelmed all hope and threatened the teachings of love and compassion […]

Remember How Much I Love You

This post is based on Week Seven of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. It is the night of the Passover meal, the night before your death. You are not the calm, controlled, repetitive voice we hear each week at Mass. You are desperate, eager, attentive, and emotional. You say, “You have no idea how much I have looked forward to eating this meal with you.” You are with your closest companions for the last time as […]

Blessed Are Those in the Crowd

This post is based on Week Six of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. For all of my life as I have heard the Beatitudes read, my first reaction has been: “Which one am I? I am definitely not the poor in spirit. Am I the peacemaker? Am I the one who hungers for righteousness?” Essentially I saw the teaching as who I needed to be to be “in” with Jesus. So after 40-plus years of trying […]

Voting for Jesus

This post is based on Week Five of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Recently Jimmy Kimmel played a sketch in which the actual words of political candidates were instead said by “Jesus the candidate” standing behind a podium in a first-century tunic under modern election banners. The words and the image intentionally collided in a way that showed the absurdity of some political arguments in the face of Christ’s call to unconditional love. For many 21st-century […]

From Bethlehem to Nogales

This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. A young girl of maybe 16, wearing all her worldly possessions, sits in the middle of a lunch table and shares her story. Although her words must be translated and the temperature is near freezing, her audience pays rapt attention. They are mainly upper middle-class professionals, administrators from Jesuit colleges and universities, who have come to the Arizona-Mexico border town of Nogales to […]

Healthy Confusion

This post is based on Week Three of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Ignatian spirituality has a way of flipping upside down everything I thought I knew about faith. For years of classes in the Catechism, ethics, and theology, the focus was on clearly understanding the Catholic worldview. This was right and that was wrong. The answers were clear. Follow the “do’s” and avoid the “don’ts” and you are good to go. All of that works […]

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