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  1. Such a hopeful and encouraging reflection! We are using this with our Board of Directors as we open our meeting. Thank you!

  2. Good message but I must say that love is here. I find Advent to be a time to be aware that the indwelling of Christ and the Holy Spirit are in me and around me. We wait for the second coming but sometimes with ‘love is coming’ it feels as if we missed it the first time. In the sermon yesterday the pastor spoke of Advent as having three senses: history, mystery and majesty — the birth of the Christ child, the presence here and now, and the second coming.

  3. What a wonderful reminder of God’s great love for all people. We are all one in this gracious God. Thank you for helping us on the Way in these reflections.

  4. Beautiful. Love is so needed in this love starved world and we can all share a little love each day with the hope that each act is reciprocated somewhere else and reaches around the world.

  5. As always, a clear and helpful message from Joe. This one brightened my Monday morning and energized me for the tasks ahead. Grateful for Advent. This year I seem very ready for “waiting in joyful hope” despite worldwide challenges. Seeing Pope Francis in Africa, opening the doors to the Year of Mercy reminds me of why Jesus came to us in the first place.

  6. Thank you for the Advent Retreat and the opportunity to prepare for the birth of Jesus which we look forward to in joyful hope.

  7. Yay, Mr. Paprocki! Thanks for the confirmation that God is in EVERYTHING!

    Also I pray that I am open and aware to receive Love when it comes, in the same way my companion for this holy season of Advent, Mary, did :), accepting and receiving Love, nurturing Love and releasing Love into the world.

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