Best Ignatian Songs: "O Come O Come Emmanuel"

It’s early December, winter, cold mornings and barren landscapes and leaden skies. It’s the time of Advent–the season of longing for the light of Christ to break into our world. Let’s listen to the greatest Advent hymn, “O Come O Come Emmanuel,”  performed by the country singer-songwriter duo The Civil Wars. My daughter Sarah played this song for me on her iPod in her kitchen in Duluth, Minnesota, the day after Thanksgiving. It’s been haunting me ever since. “Emmanuel” is a very familiar song; I doubt that you’ve ever heard it sung like this. (Click here to watch it on YouTube.)


  1. This is my favourite Advent song; in fact, I think we could sing this all year. This version is so haunting and adds much meaning by the way it is sung. Thank you very much.


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