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    Finding God in the Soundtrack of Life

    I once read that the music we listen to becomes the soundtrack of our life. I just love that sentiment! As in a movie...
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    Finding God in Music

    There’s something thoroughly Ignatian about finding God in music. St. Ignatius’s spiritual approach mostly bypasses the concepts and ideas stuffed into our heads and...
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    The Burning Babe

    St. Robert Southwell, SJ, wrote a poem called “The Burning Babe,” describing a vision of Christ on Christmas Day. Here the poem is set...
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    Take, Lord, Receive Song

    Today we have a musical break. The artist is Paul Melley, and the song is based on the Suscipe, or “Take, Lord, Receive” prayer. Free...

    Merry Christmas

    On this Christmas Day, enjoy “The Wexford Carol” as sung by the Ignatian Schola, a Manhattan-based vocal group. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click...

    Merry Christmas

    On this Christmas Day, enjoy “The Huron Carol,” written by the Jesuit martyr St. Jean de Brébeuf. He wrote it in the language of...
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    Best Ignatian Songs: Mercy Now

    I recently discovered the haunting ballad "Mercy Now" by the roots singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier. It's a lovely, heartfelt prayer: Yeah, we all could use a...
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    Best Ignatian Songs: Annie's Song

    This Best Ignatian Song comes from Kristi Gonsalves-McCabe, director of University Ministry at Regis University in Denver. She writes: I've lived in Colorado for 9 years...
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    Best Ignatian Songs: Holy Darkness

    Reader Nancy Walton-House nominates this week's Best Ignatian Song. It's a lovely piece: “Holy Darkness" by Dan Schutte, one of the St. Louis Jesuits....
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    Best Ignatian Songs: Anima Christi

    Here is a beautiful choral setting of the Anima Christi, the prayer that Ignatius placed at the beginning of the Spiritual Exercises. This is...