There Is a Longing

Best Ignatian Songs

Reader Mary Alice Teller suggests “There Is a Longing” as an Ignatian song to know. Watch a video of the song below, which includes the lyrics on screen.

Original dotMagis blogger and Ignatian writer Jim Manney is a big fan of Finding God in Music, as he shared when we explored ways of finding God through the senses last summer. Reflect with today’s song, read Jim’s post, and then share with us how you find God through music.


  1. This is a beautiful text and melody.. Unfortunately, it has been ruined by singing it(above) in a strict, imposed rhythm, with drums and predictable guitar rhythm. It sounds much better when the rhythm is less monotonous.

  2. This is a beautiful.way to begin my morning prayer. Music has always been a part of my prayer and meditation time. Thank you for sharing the beautiful music and words. Music touches the very center of my heart.

  3. I heard One Call Away the other day as I was driving….the lyrics spoke to me of God, and filled me with such love for my creator.
    I’m only one call away
    I’ll be there to save the day
    Superman got nothing on me
    I’m only one call away


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