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  1. To those who made the audio Examen. I thank you. You’ve helped me be more at peace with myself and with others today. With love,

  2. I love this because when I close my eyes to pray my mind wanders aimlessly. This helps me to stay focused. Thank you!

  3. The examen for young adults is really lovely… And creates the solemn spiritual attitude that complements my desire to grow in my relationship toLord Jesus.

  4. This was the most peaceful examen I have experienced. Thank you for this chance to connect God with my day in a very special way.

  5. While this is directed to the youth, at 56, I am happy to have found this directed meditation. I have been searching for some new direction. Thank you.

  6. Thank you, I am glad I have found this way to pray to God. Our bulletin suggested that we start praying the Ignatian Examen and I had never heard of this before. It provides a wonderful connection between our lives, our purpose and God.

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