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Whether you’re a runner or not, Colten Biro’s story may resonate. He notices a woman running on the opposite side of the street from his running path and feels competitive:

I’m over seven miles into the run, and my legs begin quietly complaining about the increase. Still, I run. The beautiful leaves and color move a little faster past me, but I’m sure they are just as pretty, I think to myself. I give a half-glance to my right, and on the other side of the street I find her step-for-step matching me. I turn my head forward and I continue running, ignoring her… for a moment. I think, I can go faster. I trim my stride down another 20 seconds.

Read the rest of his Jesuit Post article “Who Are We Racing Against?” to learn how this particular run ended. Then ask yourself: are you turning something into a competition that doesn’t need to be? What effect does that have on the experience?

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  1. We are all invited to compete to serve and save the Planet. That’s a worthwhile trophy we can win during our brief sprint and pass it on to posterity.

  2. We are all competitive. It is what you are competitive against/with. If I am doing a run or a swim I set my own goals – generally times and try to beat them, but not people. Waste of time. There’s always someone who is faster or who has a terrible technique but is legging it and I just think how fast they could really be if their technique was better. I have to restrain myself from making comment.

  3. Good story. I must admit that when in the swimming pool I will ” race” a length to go past men who may act as if the pool belongs to them. So maybe I do have some competitive streak in me after all. ?

  4. Try Not to be so competitive..Just enjoy the moment. You know you can do it! Why be concerned about what your “FRIEND” can do. She needs to CHILL also. I hope you enjoy your next run and don’t bother about BEATING someone else! That is, when you recover!
    Don’t forget your contacts!

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