Quiz: How Ignatian Are You?

Our friends at The Jesuit Post created a quiz that asks, “How Ignatian Are You?” Take it below or at the original site, and let us know how you do.

Not sure about some of your answers? Reference these articles to get the facts, and then try taking the quiz again.


  1. I have to say it was fun to do this quiz and nice for my ego to see I was an “Ignatiian Expert”on this site. I pondered on this and thought that the real “Ignatian Expert”, the real knowledgeable of Ignatian Spirituality as you would agree, are the people who sees God’s goodness everywhere and who by the Grace of God can live out humbly the Principle and Foundation. I still have a long way to go… But it is a wonderful journey. To

  2. Was member of a Jesuut parish for over 25 years so Ignatian Family result was good. Most of those I missed because it was between two and I picked the wrong one. Also learned some from the quiz. It was good, as is this web site.

  3. 83% While my Jesuit friends at St. Francis Xavier parish in the heart of downtown Cincinati would be proud of me, I also have 2 Degrees from Xavier U. and I probably should have not missed any. Full disclosure-we also have a son named Patrick Francis Xavier Orth!


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