Contemplating My New Bettas

The Next DayOver the weekend, I went to Petsmart and brought home a new betta, in part because the betta that survived last month’s move from Princeton to Baltimore seemed lonely.

I know I’m not making this up because he has been building big bubble nests, much bigger than the bubble nests he built right after the last betta went belly up.

While I was at it, I bought a new betta bowl, one with a clear divider so the guys can safely inhabit the same bowl. I used to keep my bettas in separate, adjacent bowls but with this set-up they can have their territorial disputes without killing one another. (Bettas are known as fighting fish.) They aren’t always fighting, sometimes they simply swim or nap. Or eat. They love to eat.

Have I been spending way too much time watching them? Perhaps, but I do find their fish squabbles somewhat instructive and worth contemplating.  In fact, I’m thinking of naming them, “The Corinthians.”

Creative Commons License photo credit: *Zara


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