Ignatian Optimism

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St. Augustine was impressed by the amount of sin in the world; humanity for him was a massa damnata. That seems to imply that grace is not only unearned but bestowed sparingly. Ignatius, on the other hand, was impressed by the fact that God spoke to him despite his sinfulness. That implied a liberality to God’s giving and forgiving. If God would speak to him, he would speak to anyone. And from a conviction of abundant grace springs what has been called Ignatian optimism. If Ignatian spirituality seeks and finds “God in all things,” it is because everything is grace.

—Excerpted from Ignatian Humanism by Ronald Modras

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  1. A beautiful and comforting thought for the mmany that stil grieve loved ones, family and friends 14years after 911. It was a grace that the museums were open only to families and loved ones. That so many memorial events were plenty.Ted and participated

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