A Lenten Journey Through the Stations of the Cross: A Webinar with Gary Jansen

A Lenten Journey Through the Stations of the Cross: A Webinar with Gary JansenHow do we respond to suffering? How did Jesus? And what can we learn from the Passion for helping us in our day-to-day struggles? Join award-winning author Gary Jansen for a special Lenten webinar that will draw from his book Station to Station and offer an Ignatian way of looking at the Stations of the Cross to deepen your prayer life and provide hope in times of need.

A Lenten Journey Through the Stations of the Cross
A Webinar with Gary Jansen
March 22, 2023

Gary Jansen is a popular speaker and the author of several books, including The 15-Minute Prayer Solution, Station to Station, Life Everlasting, and his most recent, a collaboration with his wife Grace, Remember Us with Smiles. Jansen has appeared on A&E, the Sundance Channel, the Travel Channel, Coast to Coast AM, CNN.com, and NPR. He is the executive editor of acquisitions at Loyola Press.

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  1. I’m so excited about the webinar with Gary Jansen and especially looking forward to hear ing him speak about his book “Station to Station”. His book is a wonderful meditation of Jesus’ journey through the stations in the tradition of St. Ignatius allowing us to walk these moments with our Lord and in turn transforming the difficult times in our lives. It’s the perfect companion for our Lenten prayer practice. This webinar will be a welcome addition to Lent as well!

  2. Having begun my 90yr and living in a Government Housing unit in a village of 60 units that is in a Valley area with any Catholic churches far from me, with no bus services weekend or public holidays .
    I use Australian TV Mass in a Diocese which happily was my teenage holiday destination with other friends who always respected my need to attend say Easter ceremonies so used travel timetable respecting that.
    Nowadays in late age I appreciate the Loyola Press Meditations and WEBINAIRS opportunities to enhance a full faith life without travel effort.
    Well done .


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