Advent and Christmas Retreat: Christmas Time, Second Week

We conclude our seasonal retreat with one final week-starter reflection. In the coming days, take a few moments to evaluate your experience with the entire Advent and Christmas retreat. Perhaps you would like to share something at this time in the comments.

Thank you for your participation in this retreat.

Christmas Time, Second Week: The Manifestation of God in Jesus ChristPetition: Ask for the grace to be led by the star, the light from above, and to take this light to others.bright Christmas star in night skyIt’s easy to get caught up in the darkness. There’s a lot of it around, if you keep an eye on the news. Even among our intimate acquaintances, we hear stories of economic disaster, health crises, moral missteps, and loss. So take five minutes a day to imagine standing in the light of the Lord. God’s face shines on you, and divine glory surrounds you. This, too, is the truth. It’s the spirit of Epiphany, God’s glorious manifestation on earth. Believe it!

—Excerpted from 2010: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Alice Camille

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Jim Manney
Jim Manney is the author of highly praised popular books on Ignatian spirituality, including A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer (about the Daily Examen) and God Finds Us (about the Spiritual Exercises). He is the compiler/editor of An Ignatian Book of Days. His latest book is What Matters Most and Why. He and his wife live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


    • Eleanor, please don’t sit home and be lonely. Join a church group or write a book or read a bunch of those or do the things you loved to do when you were a kid (paint, dance, sing). God has plans for you. Ask. And then let us know.


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