Advent Retreat 2011: The Fourth Week of Advent

We’ve arrived at the final week of Advent 2011. If you are following along with our Advent retreat, here is a brief reflection to begin this week. Please share your retreat experience with others here in the comments as we draw near Christmas. And remember that our retreat will continue through the Christmas season.

The Fourth Week of Advent: The Mystery of God Bursts into Our Life.Petition: Ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit’s fruitfulness in our life, just as the Spirit made the womb of Mary fruitful in the person of Christ.giftWhen a gift we have longed for and that truly comes from God is actually given to us, then a strange thing happens. We lose any desire to keep it all to ourselves and experience instead a desire to give it back to God, to be multiplied and shared among many.

—Excerpted from 2012: A Book of Grace-Filled Days by Margaret Silf


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