Alberto Hurtado, SJ

Alberto Hurtado, SJThe British Jesuits’ site remembers St. Alberto Hurtado, SJ, a Chilean who was one of the true Jesuit heroes of the 20th century.

Alberto was years ahead of his time in his approach to social issues. ‘Injustice’, he insisted with enviable clarity, ‘causes far more evil than can be repaired by charity’. So he advocated and made his own the arduous tasks of reading, social analysis, planning action, establishing institutions and deepening that Ignatian contemplative regard which takes in the whole world and is free enough to see just how bad things truly are. It was the antithesis of feel-good, charitable giving, but he knew that in it he would find God.

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  1. A powerful message for the 21st century, too. Thanks for this introduction to St. Alberto. I must learn more about his commitment to social justice . . . and it must be an interesting story how such a social activist came to be canonized.


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