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    Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez SJ - image courtesy of Thomas Rochford SJ and JJ Mueller SJ/Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province

    St. Alphonsus Rodriguez, SJ

    Many saints experienced a crisis of faith at some point during their lives. Rather than shy away from the pain, they embraced it. This...
    Saint Francis Xavier in the Monument to the Discoveries - Lisbon, Portugal - Image by Brian Snelson under CC BY 2.0

    What St. Francis Xavier Left Behind

    What mountains must I climb to reach the house of God? What must I sacrifice? St. Francis Xavier had to shed his vanity and...
    Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

    Remembering Alphonsus Rodriguez 400 Years Later

    This month marks 400 years since the death of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez. A Jesuit brother, he served as a humble doorkeeper in Majorca, Spain,...
    Francis Xavier - by User 鹿両性証明 on ja.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

    Feast of St. Francis Xavier

    Today we celebrate the feast of St. Francis Xavier, great missionary and close friend of St. Ignatius. Francis Xavier had planned to devote himself to...
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    Feast of St. Francis Xavier

    December 3 is the feast of St. Francis Xavier. St. Francis was one of the first Jesuits and a close friend of St. Ignatius...
    John de Brebeuf statue in Midland, Ontario

    St. John de Brébeuf’s Open Heart

    This month we remember a Jesuit priest and martyr who left the relative comforts of 17th-century France to become a missionary to the Huron...

    St. Robert Bellarmine on Charity

    St. Robert Bellarmine, noted for his intellectual prudence in the case of Galileo and the Counter-Reformation, and his great humility despite his position, is...
    Quiet Companion Peter Faber book cover

    Feast of St. Peter Faber

    Yesterday we celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. Tomorrow is the feast day of St. Peter Faber, one of Ignatius’s first companions. In...
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    Jesuit Madness

    The Jesuit Post is taking a light-hearted look at the lives of Jesuit saints in Jesuit Madness 2014. First round voting ends tonight, with...

    Novena of Grace

    Today marks the beginning of the annual Novena of Grace in honor of St. Francis Xavier. It’s timed to end on the day that...