Letters to an Atheist

At the Jesuit Post over the summer, Ryan Duns, SJ, published five very thought-provoking “letters to an atheist” laying out the philosophical basis for belief in God.  They’re in the form of letters to a student who professes non-belief.  Highly recommended.  Start with Letter 1, and continue through Letter 2, Letter 3, Letter 4, and Letter 5.


  1. I find these letters very helpful in my own ponderings about the nature and existence of God. Most often, I just say “what difference does it make what can be proved or not?” and find an answer in my faith. Or as they say in the comics pages “The dude abides.”

  2. As I said jokingly to Father Duns those letters would convert me to Christianity in a hurry if I was faced with having to read all that! Good thing I am already there (of course).
    Wow. Just wow!!!!!!!!!


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