Attend to the Smallest Things

Here’s some excellent practical wisdom from Saint Peter Faber, SJ:

Seek grace for the smallest things, and you will also find grace to accomplish, to believe in, and to hope for the greatest things. Attend to the smallest things, examine them, think about putting them into effect, and the Lord will grant you greater. Many seek anxiously for grace to perform good works of a more general kind while neglecting in the meantime particular tasks for which it would have been easy to find grace.

Just the other day I was fretting about many small tasks that I hadn’t done while I spent much time thinking about grand projects that I might do someday. Have you ever done that?


  1. It is so easy to think that God is calling us to incredible sacrifice and thus overlook the people close to us who need to see the Gospel lived out in their presence. I learned this lesson from a wise priest who reminded me that I am the only connection to the faith for my family so my mission field is here with them. That has been a valuable lesson in doing what seem like the small tasks but those tasks provide a solid foundation for whatever else we are called to do. Sometimes it takes more grace to attend to the small tasks quietly than what we consider to be the greater ones.
    Thanks for the reminder to look after the small tasks.

  2. Yes I do that all the time, look for bushes to burn or burning ones to put out while not tending to the mundane at hand. Timely comment, thank you.


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