Best Ignatian Songs: In the Presence of the Lord

The Ignatian song this week is “In the Presence of the Lord,” a bluesy-rock number written by Eric Clapton, the undisputed master of bluesy-rock. The lyrics are the singer’s simple declaration that “I have finally found a way to live . . . In the presence of the Lord.”

The tune is the kind that settles in your head for days. That’s OK, because I hear it as a song of gratitude, which is, of course, a disposition of the heart greatly prized in Ignatian spirituality.

Here is a performance by Blind Faith in Hyde Park in 1969. The lead singer is Steve Winwood, and the lead guitarist is a youthful Eric Clapton, who wrote it.


  1. Joyce and Elcie — After reading your comments I went back to YouTube and found a complete video of the song. It’s now in the post. Many thanks.


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