Best Ignatian Songs: Laughing With

Regina Spektor is an indie pop singer-songwriter and pianist with a serious bent.  She’s written several songs on biblical themes.  In “Laughing With,” she ventures into theology, contrasting the times when we take God seriously with the times we don’t.  It helps to follow the lyrics.  This video has them in both English and Spanish.  (Go here if you get this post by e-mail.)


  1. As a healthcare worker I love reflecting on the holiness of a hospital. The calling to be with people as they enter and exit this world is a precious gift. I am amazed at the way people are granted joy and the way they persevere through suffering. I saw a little girl going to the hospital with her nana to visit a new baby sister yesterday. And I saw a homeless person recieving world class care. God does laugh with us as He teaches us that His ways are higher than ours. As we work with God we can make the world better, safer and more just.

  2. Wonderful song. True, powerful, healing and so relevant this week as we grieve the Boston Terrorist Attack. Thanks for the related songs as well. I listened to all as part of my prayer practice today.


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