Best Ignatian Songs: We Are Alive

My kids know I’m a big Bruce Springsteen fan, so I was pleased when my daughter Laura gave me his latest album, “Wrecking Ball.”  It’s terrific.  Several songs fortify the Boss’s reputation as the greatest Catholic poet of our time.  My favorite is “We Are Alive.”

We are alive

Oh, and though we lie alone here in the dark

Our souls will rise to carry the fire and light the spark

To fight shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart.

I couldn’t find a video of a live performance that I could recommend, so we’ll have to settle for the sound track with a poster.  Lyrics here.  Click here to watch it on YouTube.


    • Scott, that is a beautiful story about an amazing evening for you. Thanks for sharing this with us and may God bless you and continue to bring you comfort and strength.

  1. Listen to Bruce’s “Jesus was an only son” on his “devils and dust” album. Truly moving – beautiful.


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