The Brain, Silly Putty, and Prayer

brain - abstract scanAfter reading a scientific essay about the brain, Jim McDermott writes in America:

Because here’s the other crazy-cool thing about the brain: it’s like Silly Putty. It remains flexible throughout our lives. That is to say, no matter how many times we’ve reacted in one way, no matter how strong the path we’ve forged between two synapses, the brain remains always open to forging new paths.

So if when faced with possible conflicts you choose acceptance or a smile rather than say, belligerence, your instinctive reactions can actually begin to change.

It’s crazy, right?

And it got me thinking about prayer.

Read how McDermott connects the brain, Silly Putty, and prayer in “Your Brain on Prayer.”

Do you need to try some new things in your prayer life? An Examen app? Praying with art? A new devotional or a book of prayer starters? What has worked for you in deepening your prayer life?


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