Bring Back a Wonderful Memory

screenshot of elderly man with grandchild sharing a memorySpend time with one of your most cherished memories. It could be a recent memory or one from long ago. It could recall a time when you were alone or with other people.

Imagine it now. Where did it happen? What time of life was it—childhood, adolescence, young adulthood? Who was with you? What were you doing? What happened on that day and in that place to create what is now a wonderful memory for you?

Now, stay there and remember how you felt. Invite those emotions to rise up and embrace you. Allow your mind’s eye to focus on the colors, the light and shadows, the room or landscape, the faces. Allow your body to savor the smells and tastes and textures. Linger in this memory for several moments.

Today, you have cared for yourself by inviting the healing power of something good in your life. That good thing may have happened years ago, but it is still here. And it still matters.

Enjoy a video version of this reflection:


  1. Vinita, I absolutely loved your Easter reflection in the email:
    Easter is not magical. It is transcendent. Jesus is not somewhere else. Christ is everywhere—through him all creation holds together. He lives and breathes through his body, the Church.
    What does it mean to live as Easter people? It means we live as a people, all parts of Christ’s Body working together toward a single purpose: love.

  2. Thank you Vinita your video has touched me with tears of Joy. I see by Providence… Yesterday i cried at our Chrism Mass during one of the blessings,our soon to be Bishop prayed over them and it was like Our Lord speaking to Our souls by a nudge, i was like “Lord right now” and just like your video through your words, his words. Blessed be “Gods love endures forever”… Excerpt in Psalms.


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