Call of the King via E-Mail

e-mail letter goes around the worldImagine that a passionate leader sent you an e-mail to take on a specific role within a world-changing movement. How would you respond to this e-mail? Andy Otto presents a version of the Call of the King meditation and looks at excuses we might make in responding to the call.

It may also seem unlikely that I can help. I certainly can’t make a difference. When we all say this, no difference is made. Yet Jesus called a group of people who may have seemed so plain and boring to themselves that they too may have asked that question. What’s so special about the Call of the King is that God seeks to use our unique gifts. We are all different parts of one body, with different functions and gifts required to make the entire body achieve its end. It’s unfair to assume our unique skill and ability can’t make an important contribution to the whole project. We need to ask ourselves, What am I good at? And then we must ask how we can use that gift for Christ’s project to change the world.

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