Ignatian Wisdom for Going Forth

It’s graduation season, and Creighton University senior Anna Ferguson collected advice from the university community on “how to go forth in the spirit of Ignatius.” The wisdom is worth reading in full, but Ferguson concludes: While none of us could take the people and places we love with us, it’s the words that echo forth from them that make the going and grieving purposeful, that charge it with meaning: “Go forth and set the world […]

First Jesuit Community College to Open

Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago is scheduled to open in August, 2015, as the world’s first Jesuit community college. According to a story in the Phoenix, Loyola University’s student newspaper: It is an extension of Loyola and aims to provide prospective students with the same liberal arts core curriculum classes offered at the university, but at a more affordable cost, according to the Rev. Stephen Katsouros, S.J., Arrupe’s dean and executive director…. “This is […]

Advice for Teachers

While we know that not all readers of this blog are teachers, we do recognize the celebration of Catholic Schools Week. This teacher shares a lesson in finding God that is applicable to those in any profession. When we allow ourselves to be carried away from Jesus by the tides of academics, classroom management, and even our student-teacher relationships, we can only drift so far out to sea before we are taken away by the […]

Prayers for Teachers

With the new school year starting, we thank all teachers for their work on behalf of students of all ages. Today we highlight three prayers for educators. A Teacher’s Prayer for Generosity—Marc Fryer, SJ, wrote this prayer based on St. Ignatius’s Prayer for Generosity. Ignatian Educator’s Prayer—The Jesuit Secondary Education Association shares this prayer. Teacher Prayer Card—Loyola Press offers a downloadable prayer card for Catholic school teachers.

The Measure of Our Schools

Chris Lowney wonders about “The Real Measure of Our Schools” in an article for the Jesuit Networking blog. He asks: “Who are our students becoming? How successful are our schools at forming these men and women for others?” Those are important questions to ponder as the new school year gets underway. For more on education the Jesuit way, read: Spiritual Leadership Why Jesuits Are in Secondary Education Why Jesuits Are in Higher Education

International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality

This November, an “International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality” (SIPEI) will be held in Manresa, Spain. The goal is to strengthen the dialogue between spirituality and Ignatian pedagogy with a global vision. Ahead of the conference, those involved in Jesuit education are invited to participate in a virtual portion of the seminar. See a video introduction to the SIPEI: For more information about the virtual or in-person offerings of SIPEI, visit their website. The […]

Learning to Teach at a Jesuit University

This is Catholic Schools Week, so it’s an appropriate time to consider how Ignatian charisms are important in the development of future teachers in a Jesuit education program. Resident Assistant Professor Max Engel talks about this topic in a podcast episode of Catholic Comments, produced by Creighton University. Listen here.

Spiritual Leadership

America Magazine has published an address of the Superior General of the Jesuits, Very Rev. Adolfo Nicolás, SJ, who recently met in Chicago with the board chairs and presidents of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. His subject was spiritual leadership in Jesuit institutions. [I]n the understanding of St. Ignatius, the principal function of a leader is to help the members of a community grow to become the living presence of […]

Back to School

This is “move in” week at most residential colleges, when undergraduates move into their dorms and apartments.  Classes begin next week if they’re not already underway.  Freshmen (and others) might read The Jesuit Guide to Starting College for good advice about avoiding the pitfalls and seizing the opportunities of college. Sample: don’t take your laptop to class. “Don’t hide behind those white earbuds.” And, go to church. (“Going to Mass gives you a chance to […]

Viva Cristo Rey

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times draws attention to the Cristo Rey network of high schools. There are 25 Cristo Rey schools in 17 states. All of them serve only economically disadvantaged students. All of them feature an innovative work-study program that is a large component of the schools’ financing. Many of the schools are Jesuit high schools, and the original Cristo Rey school was developed under Jesuit sponsorship and direction in Chicago.

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