Online in Africa

laptopMOOCs–massive, open, online courses–are all the rage in higher education. Hundreds of thousands of students all over the world are enrolled in the best-known MOOCs, which are offered by Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and other prestigious institutions. Some think that online courses will soon eclipse the familiar residential college campus as the model for higher education.

The shift is underway in an unlikely place–refugee camps in East Africa. Several hundred students in three camps are currently enrolled in online courses leading to a degree from Regis University in Colorado. Hundreds of others have participated in service learning projects online. The effort is spearheaded by the Jesuit Commons, a consortium of Jesuit educators and institutions bringing Jesuit education to those on the margins of society. According to a report in Inside Higher Ed, there’s talk of eventually creating an online-only Jesuit university.


  1. Would those over 55 be able to participate on the Jesuit only online education programs? It has been a dream of mine to be taught by the Jesuit’ s and I am sure there are many who feel as I do.

  2. Hi
    How marginalised do you have to be because I’m just a part time social worker & would live to further my education but struggle to even start because of the cost..

  3. Sounds like a fantastic project: both God inspired and a God given gift and opportunity to/for refugees. May the fruits be great and plentiful.


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