Ignatian Family Teach-In 2011

More than a thousand people representing the Ignatian “family” will gather in Washington November 12-14 for learning, prayer, and networking.  The theme of  the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice is “The Gritty Reality.”  Most of the those attending come from Jesuit colleges and universities, high schools, and Jesuit parishes. The weekend includes dozens of breakout sessions. Monday, November 14, is an advocacy day on Capitol Hill.

What the Poor Teach the Comfortable

Dean Brackley, SJ, died recently.  He was an American Jesuit who moved to the University of Central America in 1989 shortly after the murders of Jesuits there.  Jim Martin, SJ,  reprints a powerful article he wrote about what the poor can teach us. The middle-class cultures of the North are newcomers to world history and have only existed for about 200 years. We’re not all bad people, we’re just a tiny minority under the common […]

Christ Stumbles through Our Streets

Something to think about | I hold that every poor man, every vagrant, every beggar is Christ carrying his cross. And as Christ, we must love and help him. We must treat him as a brother, a human being like ourselves. If we were to start a campaign of love for the poor and homeless, we would, in a short time, do away with depressing scenes of begging, children sleeping in doorways and women with […]

Ignatian Work in Washington

A couple of updates on Jesuits in Washington DC. The Ignatian Pro-Life Network is calling for participation in the annual Mass for Life & Rally on January 24 in Washington. Details on the Network’s Facebook page. The Network is a union of pro-life groups from Jesuit high schools, colleges, universities, and parishes across the U.S. And take a look at this impressive video about the Jesuits at Georgetown University. (Click here if you can’t see […]

Saving the World

Something to think about | Much of the reflection in the Exercises is geared to an effort to share the vision of Jesus and understand what he was and is trying to do in the world and its history. The meditations are very clear in their implication that the task that Jesus received from God is not to save souls out of the world, but to save the world, to refocus and reintegrate all creation […]

Narrowness Is the Way

A story from Tattoos on the Heart, by Greg Boyle, SJ: At three o’clock in the morning, the phone rings. It’s Cesar. He says what every homie says when they call in the middle of the night, “Did I wake you?” I always think Why no, I was just waiting and hoping that you’d call. Cesar is sober and it’s urgent that he talk to me. “I gotta ask you a question. You know how […]

Halloween Giving? Yes, Giving.

What for years seemed like extreme cruelty, now impresses me as heroic parenting. The parent in this case was my mother who, back in the 1950s, thought the Three Stooges were too violent, carrot and celery sticks were excellent snacks, and putting a piano in my childhood bedroom would inspire me to practice in between lessons.* Shouldn’t be too difficult to guess what Halloween was like during my formative years – I collected pennies for […]

A Social Justice Retreat

On Monday, November 1, the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA will begin an online retreat that links the Spiritual Exercises to the plight of refugees and vulnerable migrants.  The retreat marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Jesuit Refugee Service.  Go to the JRS/USA home page on Monday to begin the retreat. The Jesuit Refugee Service  assists refugees and other displaced persons in 57 countries.

Thrift Store Saints

Fifteen years ago, Jane Knuth wandered into the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, looking to buy a rosary for her daughter’s First Communion.  She became a volunteer.  She liked the people who worked there.  Even more, she grew to know and love the poor people who came to the store for clothing and other necessities. Knuth has written an extraordinary book about her experiences called Thrift Store Saints: Meeting Jesus 25¢ […]

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