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    Spiritual Direction

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    How to Find a Spiritual Director

    Becky Eldredge offers some advice for how to find a spiritual director.
    featured video content at dotMagis

    What to Expect from Spiritual Direction

    What should someone expect from spiritual direction? Becky Eldredge explains that the conversations in spiritual direction help a person identify where God is and...

    Protestants and Spiritual Direction

    The Christian Century looks at the growing popularity of spiritual direction among mainline Protestants, especially pastors: More and more pastors have made spiritual direction a...

    The Prayer of Imagination

    Ruth Workman, a spiritual director,  describes how Ignatian prayer invigorated her prayer life: Next we were introduced to an Ignatian practice, a prayer of imagination....

    Spiritual Directors Who Direct

    Joseph Tetlow, SJ, is one of the of the most respected and knowledgeable Ignatian spiritual directors.   For years he guided the 250 Jesuit retreat...

    “I want, I want”

    Susan Stabile, an Ignatian spiritual director and law professor, distinguishes between the desire that causes pain and the desire that motivates us: Attachment (what might...

    Spiritual Direction

    I’d like to respond to Autumn’s comment to my earlier post about living the “examen”ed life. She asks about what to do when it...