Jesuit Basketball

Jesuit colleges played five basketball games against each other this past weekend — four men’s games and one women’s.   The marquee game was Georgetown vs. Marquette, with the Hoyas winning 69-60. Jesuit schools play each other nearly 100 times this season.  The Jesuit Basketball Spotlight program draws attention to these games as a way of promoting awareness of the Jesuit mission in higher education.  Here is a schedule of the games.  Here is an interview […]

Life Is a Marathon

I just came from watching the 114th Boston Marathon.  An awesome sight!  It got me thinking about the ten best reasons why a marathon is a metaphor for life.  My votes follow– what are yours? 1. It’s about the goal, not the suffering along the way. 2. One can do great things if you do them out of love.  (There are two options: love of self, or love of others.  And both can be to […]

Doing Too Much

Sports columnist Joe Posnanski on West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins: And then there’s his belief that the worst thing a player can do is try to do too much. Watch Huggins on the sideline — it’s this that sets him off more than anything. If a player lunges for a steal and doesn’t get there — he leaves his team facing five on four. If a player jumps too early to block a shot, […]

Jesuit Basketball

For many years basketball has been the top sport at most of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the US.  An all-star team of Jesuit alumni could beat just about anybody.   This might be a bit of a down year for Jesuit basketball.  Only two teams–Georgetown and Gonzaga–are currently ranked in the top 25 men’s teams.  But I wouldn’t be surprised to see five or more Jesuit teams in the playoffs next March. Jesuit […]

Jesuit on the Mound

Baseball is God’s game, in my opinion.  I love the game and I especially like the Detroit Tigers (who are currently barely hanging on to a one-game lead in the American League Central Division).  So you can imagine how excited I was to read about a future Jesuit who played briefly for the Tigers.  It was back in 1912, the dead ball era, and the circumstances were very unusual, but Joe Travers really did play. […]

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