Magis and Weightlifting

weightlifterEnglish teacher Christopher Farrell, SJ, at De Smet Jesuit High School in St. Louis, MO, started the Powerlifting Club, and it’s about more than physical fitness.

“The Jesuits are all about the idea of ‘Magis’ meaning greater or more,” Farrell said. “For me, you could also translate it as ‘stronger’. It’s about asking oneself, how can I be constantly striving to grow stronger? Whether it is in the weight room, or intellectually, or spiritually. I think this gives glory to God.”

The story is in the De Smet Mirror. Explore the idea of magis further with the video What Does “Magis” Mean? or the article Better than Your Best? by author Jim Manney.

How do you pursue the magis?



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