Do Less, Then Obsess

The Freedom of Missing Out: Letting Go of Fear and Saying Yes to Life book by Michael Rossmann, SJ (pictured)

In a One-Minute Jesuit video, Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ, explains, “Living the magis is not about taking on more activities. Rather, it’s about focusing on the more universal good. In work, school, or the spiritual life, we may need to work smarter, not necessarily harder. We can ask ourselves, ‘What might we do less of so that we obsess about what really matters?’”

Rossmann is the author of the new book, The Freedom of Missing Out: Letting Go of Fear and Saying Yes to Life, in which he explores the idea further:

Morten Hansen of the University of California, Berkeley, notes that top performers “do less, then obsess.” They throw themselves into what’s going to make a difference and stop wasting their time on what is nonessential. They are gritty about what is important but “quitty” about what is not…

The fact is, winners quit all the time. They recognize their limitations. They stop going down paths that lead nowhere. They cultivate their God-given gifts. They do not waste time on unproductive activities for which they have no opportunity for success.

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  1. Nice little video. Thanks Mike. You make people reflect on what is finally “success”. It may mean different things to different people in different regions.


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